Great Gifts For Baseball Fans Authentic Stadium Seat Cufflinks

Authentic Stadium Seat Cufflinks

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Piece Of The Action

Take your favorite stadium out on the town while wearing these one-of-a-kind ballpark cufflinks. Made of material salvaged from the seats from famous ballparks, the sterling silver cufflinks give your baseball fan a handsome alternative to wearing his team’s jersey for your Date Night. The colors will vary, but all are sure to look better with a suit than the “rally” cap. Each item comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Choose seat from:

Yankee (royal blue)
Shea (orange – plastic seats as opposed to wood)
Wrigley (dark green)
Dodger (blue)
Comiskey (light green)
RFK (orange)
Busch (red – plastic seats as opposed to wood)
Tiger (dark green)
Fenway (dark blue)
Ebbetts Field (black)
Polo Grounds (dark green)
Baltimore Memorial (grey) )

Created by designer Ward Wallau and Bill Hartel of St. Louis.Color and condition of wood will vary slightly. Handmade in USA and Mexico.